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... as others see us ... HPS1426 (Hawkes Pocket Scores series) $25.53
...fiat mihi... SATB $5.75
...here in hiding... ATTB $6.37
25th May 1967 $3.19
3 Ballets (Opus Arte Blu-Ray DVD) 

3 Ballets (Opus Arte DVD) 

3 Dawn Rituals HPS1270 (Hawkes Pocket Scores series) $14.03
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A Cecilian Variation For JFK (Piano Solo) - Digital Download $3.19
A child is born in Bethlehem - ATB Soli or Chorus & Oboe $5.09
A Child's Prayer SATB $5.75
A Choral Sequence From the St John Passion $20.42
A New Song SATB & organ $7.65
A Rumoured Seed (Solo Voice & Piano) $22.97
Advent Antiphons - Choral Score $5.09
After the Tryst (violin & piano) $17.86
After the Tryst for Soprano Saxophone or Clarinet & Piano $12.76
After Virtue SSAATTBB $4.47
Alpha and Omega - SSSAATTBB A Cappella $5.09
And he rose for cello solo (Digital Sheet Music) $3.19
And lo the angel of the Lord SATB/SATB/SATB $4.47
Angel (Piano Solo) - Digital Download $3.19
Angel for Piano Solo $8.30
Ave Maria SATB & organ $4.47
Ave Maris Stella - SATB a cappella $3.82
Ave verum corpus (Unison Upper Voices & Organ) $2.54
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Ballad (original key) for voice & piano - Digital Download $2.87
Ballad for high voice & piano - Digital Download $2.87
Barncleupedie (With Apologies to Erik Satie) $3.19
Barncleupedie for Piano $14.03
Beatus Andreas - SATB & organ $4.47
Beatus Vir - SSATBB & Organ $12.76
Benedicimus Deum Caeli (from The Strathclyde Motets) SSATTB $3.82
Benedictus Deus SATB $3.82
Bennett! $3.19
Bennett! (Digital Download) $3.19
Berserking, The (2 Pianos 4 Hands) $29.36
Birds Of Rhiannon/Magnificat/Nunc Dimittis/Mairi/Gallant Weaver (Chandos audio CD) 

Birthday Present $3.19
Birthday Present for Piano $11.48
Bring us, O Lord God SATB $5.09
Britannia HPS1446 (Hawkes Pocket Score series) $19.14
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Cantos Sagrados HPS1566 (Hawkes Pocket Score series) $35.11
Cantos Sagrados SATB & organ $16.59
Cecilia Virgo - SATB/SATB (Mixed choir a cappella) $5.09
Cello Concerto for Cello & Piano $31.91
Cello Concerto HPS1328 (Hawkes Pocket Scores series) $31.91
Cello Sonata No1 for Cello & Piano $19.14
Cello Sonata No2 for Cello & Piano $19.14
Changed SSATB & organ $5.75
Children are a heritage of the Lord - SSATB a capella $3.82
Choral Music: Jubilate Deo / Le tombeau de Georges Rouault 

Choral Works: Tenebrae Responsories/Edinburgh Te Deum (Hyperion Audio CD) 

Chosen SAATTB & organ $4.47
Christus Vincit SSAATTBB & soprano $5.75
Clemency (BIS Audio CD) 

Confession of Isobel Gowdie (full score) $45.96
Confession of Isobel Gowdie (full score: facsimile copy) $38.29
Confession of Isobel Gowdie/Symphony No.3 (Chandos Audio CD) 

Confession of Isobel Gowdie/Tuireadh/Exorcism of Rio Sumpul (BIS Audio CD) $21.07
Cum vidisset Jesus - SSSSAATTBB a capella $5.75
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Data est mihi omnis potestas (from The Strathclyde Motets) (SATB) $5.09
Death of Oscar HPS1612 (Hawkes Pocket Score series) $21.69
Deus noster refugium for SSAATTBB and organ $4.47
Different World (violin & piano) $12.76
Divo Aloysio Sacrum SATB $6.37
Domine Non Secundum Peccata Nostra SATB & violin $3.82
Dominus dabit benignitatem (from The Strathclyde Motets) SATB $3.82
Dutch Carol - choral unison & piano $2.54
Dutch Carol - choral unison & piano $2.54
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Ecce Sacerdos Magnus for unison voices, 2 trumpets & organ (Digital Sheet Music - 30 Copy Licence) $19.15
Emitte Lucem Tuam (Digital Download) $3.19
Emitte lucem tuam (SATB) $4.47
Epiclesis (Trumpet Concerto)/Ninian (Clarinet Concerto) (BIS Audio CD) $20.37
Epiclesis HPS1362 (Hawkes Pocket Scores series) $35.74
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Factus est repente (from The Strathclyde Motets) SATB $3.82
For Ian $3.19
For Ian (piano score) $14.03
Four Little Tributes (score & parts) $34.46
Fourteen Little Pictures - Piano Trio (Score & Parts) $34.46
From Ayrshire (violin & piano) $14.03
From Galloway $3.19
From Galloway for Clarinet Solo $10.20
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Galloway Mass (Vocal Score SATB) $7.65
Galloway Mass Congregation Part 10-Pack $12.76
Gaudeamus in loci pace & other organ works $12.76
Give Me Justice SATB $2.54
Gloria - Vocal Score $14.68
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HB to MB (Cello Solo) $8.93
Heycoka Te Deum SSS, flute, tubular bells & piano $4.47
Horn Quintet - horn solo part (Digital Sheet Music) $3.19
Hymn To The Blessed Sacrament - SATB & Organ $3.82
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I (A Meditation On Iona) HPS1444 (Hawkes Pocket Score series) $12.76
I Am Your Mother - SATB a cappella $3.82
I will take you from the nations (Digital Download) $3.19
I will take you from the nations (SATB divisi) $4.47
If ye love me (SATB A cappella) $3.19
in angustiis ... I $3.19
In Angustiis ... I for Piano $16.59
in angustiis ... II - cello solo $3.19
in angustiis ... II - oboe solo $3.19
in angustiis ... II - solo soprano $3.19
In Angustiis ... II for Cello Solo $12.76
In splendoribus sanctorum (from "The Strathclyde Motets") SATB & trumpet $3.19
Inés de Castro (Libretto) (Digital Download) $6.37
Intercession for 3 oboes (or soprano saxophones) (score & parts) $16.59
Into The Ferment/The Berserking/Britannia (Chandos audio CD) 

Invocation SATB $5.75
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Jubilate Deo SATB & organ $5.75
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Kiss on Wood (for Cello & Piano) $14.03
Kiss on Wood (violin & piano) $12.76
Knockroon Waltz (Digital Download) $3.19
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Lassie, wad ye loe me? for SSSSAAATB a cappella $3.82
Laudi alla Vergine Maria SSAATTBB $8.93
Le tombeau de Georges Rouault (Organ Solo) $19.14
Little Mass (Children's Choir & Orchestra) $8.93
Lumen Christi for Piano $16.59
Lux Aeterna (from The Strathclyde Motets) SATB $3.82
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Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis SATB & organ $8.93
Mairi SSAATTBB $19.14
Mass - New English Translation 2012 (Mixed Choir & Organ) $14.68
Mass & other Sacred Music (Hyperion Audio CD) 

Mass of Blessed John Henry Newman - choral unison $11.48
Mass of Blessed John Henry Newman full score $5.75
Mass SATB & organ $14.03
Meditation Organ Solo $10.20
Miserere / Strathclyde Motets / Tenebrae Responsories / O Bone Jesu (Coro Audio CD) 

Miserere SSAATTBB $7.65
Missa Brevis SATB $14.03
Missa Dunelmi SSAATTBB $14.68
Mitte manum tuam SATB $4.79
Motet I from Since it was the day of Preparation … - theorbo $3.82
Motet II from Since it was the day of Preparation … - cello $3.82
Motet III from Since it was the day of Preparation … - clarinet $3.82
Motet IV from Since it was the day of Preparation … - harp $5.09
Motet V from Since it was the day of Preparation … - horn $6.37
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Nemo Te Condemnavit SSAATTBB $2.54
New-made for a king - SSAA & Piano $4.47
Ninian (clarinet & piano) $29.36
Ninian (Hawkes Pocket Score) $35.11
Northern Skies: 7 Intermediate Pieces for Cello & Piano $14.03
Nova! Nova! Ave fit ex Eva - SSA a cappella $4.47
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O bone Jesu SSSAATTBB $6.37
O give thanks unto the Lord (SATB) $5.09
O Radiant Dawn (from The Strathclyde Motets) (SATB) $3.82
O SSS, organ & trumpet $5.75
Oboe Concerto (Hawkes Pocket Score) $37.02
Oboe Concerto (Piano Reduction + Oboe part) $35.11
Offertorium - Organ $8.93
On Love - choral unison & organ $5.09
On The Annunciation SSATB & organ $7.65
Os mutorum (from The Strathclyde Motets) SS & harp $3.82
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Padre Pio's Prayer SATB & organ $5.75
Pascha nostrum immolatus est (from The Strathclyde Motets) SATB $5.09
Percussion Concerto No. 2 (Hawkes Pocket Score) $35.11
Piano Concerto No.2 $26.80
Piano Concerto No.2 (Hawkes Pocket Score 1468) $37.02
Piano Concerto No.3 $26.80
Piano Concerto No.3 (Hawkes Pocket Score 1470) $37.02
Piano Sonata $19.14
Piano Trio No. 2 (Piano Trio) $39.57
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Qui meditabitur (from the Strathclyde Motets) SSATTBB $3.82
Quickening HPS1412 (Hawkes Pocket Scores series) $79.16
Quickening/Three Interludes from The Sacrifice (Chandos Audio CD) 

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Raising Sparks Full Score $29.36
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Sacrifice (Chandos Audio CD 2-disc set) 

Scotch Bestiary/Piano Concerto No.2 (Chandos Audio CD) 

Scots Song (original key) for voice & piano - Digital Download $3.19
Scots Song for high voice & piano - Digital Download $3.19
Sedebit Dominus Rex SATB $3.82
Seinte Mari Moder Milde SATB & organ $8.93
Seraph - Trumpet & Piano Reduction $19.79
Seraph HPS1484 (Hawkes Pocket Scores series) $12.76
Serenity for mixed voices & organ (Digital Sheet Music - Choral Licence for 30 copies) $19.15
Serenity SATB & organ $5.09
Seven Last Words from the Cross HPS1360 (Hawkes Pocket Scores series) $30.01
Seven Last Words from the Cross SATB & organ $21.69
Seven Last Words From The Cross/Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin/Te Deum (Hyperion Audio CD) 

Seven Last Words From the Cross/Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin/Te Deum (Hyperion Super Audio CD) 

Seven Last Words From The Cross/Nemo te condemnavit/...here in hiding... (Naxos Audio CD) 

Sinfonietta HPS1512 (Hawkes Pocket Scores series) $31.91
So Deep SSAATTBB, oboe & viola $8.93
Sonnet SS $2.54
Sowetan Spring (Score & Parts) $84.26
Sowetan Spring (Symphonic Band Score) $6.37
St Andrews' Suite - Organ $14.68
St Anne's Mass $5.09
St Anne's Mass (Unison Congregation Part: 10-Pack) $12.76
St Anne's Mass (Vocal Score for unison voices & organ with optional SAATB choir) $5.75
St Anne's Mass Congregation 10-pack $12.76
St John Passion (LSO LIVE Audio CD 2-Disc Set) $19.14
St Luke Passion - Christus score (children's choir) $14.68
St Luke Passion (vocal score) $19.14
St Luke Passion HPS1606 (Hawkes Pocket Score series) $84.26
St Patrick's Magnificat $5.09
Stabat Mater (Coro Audio CD) 

Stabat Mater (Vocal Score & CD Bundle - Save 15%) 

Stabat Mater (Vocal Score) $26.18
Stabat Mater HPS1614 (Hawkes Pocket Score series) $49.16
Stomp (with Fate and Elvira) (Hawkes Pocket Score) $21.07
String Quartets (Royal String Quartets) $13.41
Success for SATB a cappella (Digital Sheet Music - Choral Licence for 30 copies) $19.15
Success SATB $1.92
Sun-Dogs SATB $11.48
Symphony No. 2 (Hawkes Pocket Score) $29.36
Symphony No. 3: 'Silence' (Hawkes Pocket Score) $38.29
Symphony No. 4 (Hawkes Pocket Score) $38.29
Symphony No.2/Cumnock Fair/Sinfonietta (BIS Audio CD) $19.56
Symphony Vigil (BIS Audio CD) 

Symphony: 'Vigil' (Hawkes Pocket Score) $42.12
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Te Deum SATB & organ $4.47
Tenebrae Responsories SSAATTTBB $11.48
The Blacksmith - voice & clarinet $10.20
The Canticle Of Zachariah (from The Strathclyde Motets) SATB $3.82
The Children for high voice & piano - Digital Download $3.19
The Edinburgh Te Deum - SSAATB & Organ $4.47
The Gallant Weaver SSSATB $7.65
The Halie Speerit's Dauncers - unison & piano $3.19
The Keening (Hawkes Pocket Score) $37.02
The Lamb has come for us from the house of David (Digital Sheet Music: Choral Licence for 30 copies) $19.15
The Lamb has come for us SATB & organ $3.82
The Lost Songs of St. Kilda (Decca Audio CD) $15.00
The Offered Christ - SAATB & Organ $5.09
The Rising Moon (SATB version) (Digital Download) $19.15
The Rising Moon (Unison version) (Digital Download) $19.15
The Sacrifice: Three Interludes HPS1448 (Hawkes Pocket Score series) $19.14
The Song of The Lamb SATB & organ $4.47
The Strathclyde Motets set 1 $17.86
The Strathclyde Motets set 2 $17.86
Think of How God Loves You SATB $1.92
Three Scottish Songs - high voice and piano $14.68
Three Scottish Songs - voice & piano $11.48
To My Successor SSAATB $1.92
Tota pulchra es (Digital Download) $19.15
Tota pulchra es SATB & organ $5.09
Tremunt videntes angeli SSAATTBB $4.47
Tryst (Hawkes Pocket Score) $37.02
Tryst /Í (A Meditation on Iona)/Adams Rib/They Saw the Stone Had Been Rolled Away (BIS Audio CD) $21.07
Tuireadh HPS1396 (Hawkes Pocket Scores series) $20.42
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Veni Veni Emmanuel HPS1238 (Hawkes Pocket Scores series) $56.82
Veni Veni Emmanuel/Tryst (Naxos Audio CD) 

Veni, Veni, Emmanuel (Percussion Solo Scores) - Digital Download $20.42
Veni, Veni, Emmanuel Concerto for percussion and orchestra $58.72
Videns Dominus (from The Strathclyde Motets) SATB $5.09
Viola Concerto (Hawkes Pocket Score) $49.16
Viola Concerto (piano reduction + viola) $34.46
Violin Concerto - Piano Reduction $29.36
Violin Concerto HPS1472 (Hawkes Pocket Scores series) $37.02
Visitatio Sepulchri/Sun-Dogs (BIS SACD Super Audio CD) $21.07
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Walfrid, On His Arrival At The Gates Of Paradise $3.19
Wedding Introit for Organ (Facsimile Copy) $12.13
When you see millions of the mouthless dead (Digital Download) $3.19
When You See the Millions of the Mouthless Dead (SATB) $4.47
White Note Paraphrase for Organ $11.48
Why Is This Night Different? (full score) $26.80
Why Is This Night Different? (string quartet parts) $29.36
Why is this night different?/Tuireadh/Visions of a November Spring/Memento (BIS Audio CD) $21.07
Woman of the Apocalypse HPS 1508 (Hawkes Pocket Score series) $45.96
World's Ransoming for Cor Anglais & Piano $21.69
World's Ransoming HPS1320 (Hawkes Pocket Scores series) $22.97
World's Ransoming/Cello Concerto (BIS Audio CD) $21.07
World's Ransoming/The Confession of Isobel Gowdie (LSO LIVE Audio CD) $10.20
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