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4 Early Songs - voice & piano $6.61
6 Lieder Op.40 $19.81


Cello Concerto (CPO Audio CD) $12.59$10.70
Cello Concerto in A minor op. posth. - cello & piano reduction $25.84
Cello Concerto in G major op. 42 - cello & orchestra (study score) $11.26
Cello Concerto in G major op. 42 - cello & piano reduction $17.21
Chamber Works (CPO Audio CD) $33.70$28.64
Complete Lieder Vol. 1 (Naxos Audio CD) $9.26$7.87
Complete Songs With Piano Accompaniments vol.1 $54.32
Complete Songs With Piano Accompaniments vol.2 $54.32

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Das Christelflein (CPO Audio CD) $33.02$28.07
Das Dunkle Reich Op. 38 Chorphantasie (CPO Audio CD) $12.59$10.70
Drei Sonette Op. 41 $11.26

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Hans Pfitzner Lieder Complete Edition (CPO Audio 5-CD Box Set) $62.95
Herz Complete Opera (Marco Polo Audio CD) $26.53$22.55

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Orchestral Songs (Cpo Audio CD) $20.54$17.46
Orchestral Works & Concertos (CPO Audio CD) $42.22$35.89

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Palestrina - orchestra (study score) $14.56
Palestrina (Euroarts Blu-Ray Disc) $47.69$40.54
Palestrina (Euroarts DVD 2-Disc Set) $55.65$47.30
Palestrina (libretto) $7.94
Palestrina (score) $273.65
Palestrina (vocal/piano score) $60.95
Piano Concerto Op. 31 (Marco Polo Audio CD) $13.23$11.24
Piano Quintet & Piano Sextet (Cpo Audio CD) $15.89$13.51
Piano Quintet In C Op.23 $46.32
Piano Trio F Op. 8 (score & parts) $38.42

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Romantic Cello Vol. 4 (Hyperion Audio CD) $21.19$18.01

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Sonata in F# minor op. 1 - cello & piano $28.56
String Quartet In D Minor (1886) (Parts) $25.18$23.92
Symphony Op. 36a Fan Op. 56 (CPO Audio CD) $12.59$10.70
Symphony Op. 44 Op. 46 Solhaug Feast (CPO Audio CD) $12.59$10.70

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Trio B flat Major - piano trio (score & parts) $38.42
Trio in F major, Op. 8 - violin, violoncello & piano $43.07
Two Lieder Op.21 (High) $8.28

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Violin Conc Duo For Violin & Orc (CPO Audio CD) $12.59$10.70
Violin Sonata in E minor Op.27  $28.49
Von Deutscher Seele (Phoenix Edition Audio CD 2-disc set) $31.14