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"Nachtst├╝ck" from the Opera "Der ferne Klang" $39.56
2 Lyrical Songs $28.76
2 Songs Op. 5 $11.44
5 Songs $18.54
5 Songs Op. 4 $17.26

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Chamber Symphony - study score $31.89
Chamber Symphony for 23 Solo Instruments $40.84
christophorus (CPO Audio CD) $31.86$27.08

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Dance Suite $31.89
Der Ferne Klang (Marco Polo Audio CD) $25.59$21.75
Der Geburtstag Der Infantin $56.56
Der Holdestein (Choral Score) $4.99
Der Schatzgraber (Capriccio Audio CD x2) $20.44$17.37
Der Wind $56.88
Die Gezeichneten - vocal score $114.98
Die Gezeichneten (Euroarts DVD) $39.17$33.29
Die Gezeichneten (Marco Polo Audio CD) $38.39$32.63

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Flammen Complete Opera (Marco Polo Audio CD) $12.76$10.84

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Gesang der Armen im Winter (SATB) $3.58

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Intermezzo and Scherzo - study score $37.01

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Orchestral Works vol.1 (Chandos Audio CD) $20.11$17.09
Orchestral Works vol.2 (Chandos Audio CD) $20.11$17.09
Overtures (Naxos Audio CD) $7.57$6.43

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Piano Pieces $25.55

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Romantic Suite (Marco Polo Audio CD) $12.76$10.84
Romantic Suite/Prelude to Memnon (Naxos Audio CD) $7.57$6.43

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Schmied Von Gent (Cpo Audio CD 2-disc set) $39.61$33.67
Schreker 2 Songs Op2 Vce & Pft Op. 2 $15.28
Schreker 8 Lieder Vce Pft Op. 7 $18.54
Schreker/Gottwald: Drei Lieder (Mixed Choir) $7.93
Schreker: Auf dem Gottesacker, Vergangenheit (Mixed Choir) $2.43
Schreker:Der Ferne Klang (Capriccio Audio CD x2) $20.44$17.37
Schwanensang Op. 11 (Piano Reduction) $26.78
Schwanensang Op. 11 (Score) $34.45
Sonata in F Major (Violin & Piano) $24.27
Songs $51.07

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Valse Lente $17.26