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3 Latin Motets op. 38 (choral score) $10.03


Anthems & Services (Naxos Audio CD) 

Anthology SATB & Organ $21.28
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Ballade (solo piano) $2.26
Barritt/Edwards (Hyperion Audio CD) 

Beati Quorum Via (from "Three Motets Op 38") SATB $4.08
Beati Quorum Via SSATBB $6.26
Belle Dame Sans Merci Fmin $4.39
Benedictus and Agnus Dei in B-flat $2.95
Benedictus and Agnus Dei in F $2.51
Bible Songs $45.12
Blue Bird & Heraclitus $2.57
Blue Bird SATB $2.57
Blue Bird SSA $2.70
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Cello Sonata 2 in Dmin Op. 39 $21.33
Choral Music (Naxos Audio CD) 

Clarinet Concerto Clarinet & Piano $9.41
Clarinet Music (Naxos Audio CD) 

Coelos Ascendit Hodie SATB/SATB $6.26
Come Ye Thankful People Come SATB  $2.70
Communion Service In C: $4.39
Complete Symphonies 1-7 (Chandos Audio CD) 

Complete Works for Cello & Orchestra (Hyperion Audio CD) $19.46
Concert Variations- Down Among the Dead Men $53.96
Corydon, Arise (Elizabethan Pastorals Set 1) (SATB) $2.82
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Drake's Drum $1.88
Drake's Drum (2 voices & piano) $5.01
Drake's Drum CMin $12.54
Drake's Drum in DMin $12.54
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Earth Is The Lord's SATB & organ $2.32
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Faeries (6 Pieces..) Piano  $4.08
Fairy Lough (Low Voice) $12.54
Fairy Lough F-High $14.43
Fantasia (In Festo Omnium Sanctorum) Org $13.79
Fantasia and Toccata in D minor $9.41
Fantasy No1 For Clarinet & String Quar $28.24
Fantasy No2 For Clarinet & String Quar $28.24
Father Oflynn Arvb $12.54
Foggy Dew in F $12.54
For Lo I Raise Up SATB & organ $4.39
For Lo, I Raise Up SATB & Organ $2.20
Four Intermezzi, No.4: Intermezzo on an Irish Air (Organ) $8.72
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Gloria in Excelsis - SATB choir with soprano solo $3.14
Glorious and Powerful God (SATB) $2.70
God and the Universe SATB $2.50
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How Beauteous Are Their Feet (SATB) $2.50
Hush Sweet Lute for male choir $1.88
Hymn (after The Song Of Battle) SATB  $1.88
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I'll Rock You To Rest in G $12.54
Irish Rhapsodies (6)/Piano Concerto No.2 Op 126/Down among the Dead Men Op 71 (Chandos Audio CD) 

Irish Rhapsody for Wind Band (Score)  $9.41
Irish Rhapsody No6 $37.64
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Japanese Lullaby In Eb Voice/Piano $4.96
Jubilate Deo in B (SATB) $3.51
Jubilate Deo in B Flat (SATB) $2.82
Jubilate Deo in B flat Op. 10 (New Engraving) $2.82
Justorum Animae SATB $6.26
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La Belle Dame Sans Merci - Fmin $4.96
Like Desert Woods (Elizabethan Pastorals Set 2) (SATB) $2.20
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Magnificat & Nunc Dimittis F SATB/organ $7.22
Magnificat & Nunc Dimittis in C - SATB choir $3.14
Magnificat & Nunc Dimittis In C SATB & Organ $4.39
Magnificat & Nunc Dimittis In F (Queens) $6.90
Magnificat & Nunc Dimittis in G - SATB choir & organ $3.77
Magnificat (choral score) $4.39
Magnificat And Nunc Dimittis G Op. 81 SATB $4.39
Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis in A Major (SATB & Organ) $2.82
Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis: In B Flat $2.82
Magnificat Double SATB $4.96
Mass in B $3.59
Mass in B (Vocal Score) $6.02
Monkeys Carol Bmin $4.96
Monkeys Carol Dmin $4.96
Music For Violin & Piano (Hyperion Audio CD) 

My Love's An Arbutus (in Bb Major) $12.54
My Love's An Arbutus (in G Major) $12.54
My Love's An Arbutus (key: G) $5.01
My Love's An Arbutus in Fmaj $12.54
My Love's An Arbutus SATB $3.14
My Love's An Arbutus SSA & piano $8.77
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Nunc dimittis in A (SATB) $3.51
Nunc Dimittis op. 115 (choral score) $4.39
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O For A Closer Walk With God SATB & Organ $2.45
O For A Closer Walk: SATB & Organ $2.26
Occasional Preludes (6) Op 182 for Organ $12.49
Oh For A Closer To Walk With God SATB $2.57
Old Superb, The No1/3 in Ab $11.28
On A Hill There Grows A Flower (Elizabethan Pastorals Set 2) (SATB) $2.45
Organ Plus Brass, Vol. 4: Cathedral Sounds $16.32
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Pater Noster $5.96
Phoebe (Elizabethan Pastorals Set 1) (SATB) $2.82
Piano Concerto (Champs Hill Audio CD) 

Piano Music (Naxos Audio CD) 

Piano Quintet (Hyperion Audio CD) 

Piano Quintet in D minor Op 25/String Quintet No.1 in F major Op 85 (Hyperion Audio CD) 

Pibroch (key: Bm)  $5.01
Pibroch (key: C)# Minor $5.01
Praise Be Diana (Elizabethan Pastorals Set 2) (SATB) $2.45
Pray That Jerusalem SATB & Organ $2.89
Prelude in form of a Toccata (No.3 of Six Preludes for Organ Op.88) $11.30
Prelude In The Form Of A Toccata Organ  $3.45
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Quick We Have But A Second SATB Unaccompanied $2.50
Quick! We Have But A Second for SATB choir $1.51
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Requiem (SATB & piano) $30.11
Requiem Op 63/Veiled Prophet of Khorassan (Naxos Audio CD) 

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Sacred Choral Music (Hyperion 3-disc set) 

Sacred Choral Music vol.2 (Hyperion Audio CD) 

Saint Patricks Breastplate: SATB & Organ $3.01
Service for the Office of Holy Communion (unison/organ) $3.70
Seven Partsongs (SATB) $7.52
Shepherd Doron's Jig (Elizabethan Pastorals Set 2) (SATB) $2.20
Short Preludes and Postludes (6) Op 105 for Organ - Set 2 $10.36
Six Occasional Preludes Book 2 organ $7.22
Six Occasional Preludes, Book 1 (Nos. 1-3) $9.41
Six Occasional Preludes. Book 2 (Nos. 4-6) $7.91
Six Short Preludes and Postludes Op. 101 Set 1 $10.36
Sketches (6) reprint 30 Piano  $3.70
Soft Day (medium voice) $3.14
Soft Day, A Dbmaj Voice & piano $4.96
Soft Day, A Fmaj Voice & piano $3.70
Sonata  $5.65
Sonata Op. 129 For Clarinet $15.69
Song Of Battle (arranged for SATB chorus) $0.94
Song Of Peace Unis/org $3.70
Song Of Wisdom (arr. for SATB chorus) $4.33
Song Of Wisdom Voice/Piano *arch* $11.92
Songs $110.46
Songs for Medium Voice (6) $9.10
Songs Of The Fleet chorus Part  $5.33
Songs Of The Fleet Vs: S $12.87
Songs of the Fleet/Songs of the Sea/Ballad of the Fleet SACD Super Audio CD (Chandos SACD Super Audi 

Songs of the Sea SATB $15.05
Songs of the Sea TTBB & piano $21.33
Songs vol.1 (Hyperion Audio CD) 

Songs vol.2 (Hyperion Audio CD) 

Stabat Mater Op 96/Bible Songs Op 113/Te Deum Laudamus (Chandos Audio CD) 

Stabat Mater SATB & piano $52.71
String Quartet No.5 In Bf Op. 104 $7.47
String Quartet No.5 In Bf Op. 104 Parts $20.71
String Quartets (Hyperion Audio CD) 

String Quartets 5/8 (Somm Audio CD) 

Swallow SATB $2.51
Symphonies vol.1 (Naxos Audio CD) 

Symphonies vol.2 (Naxos Audio CD) 

Symphonies vol.3 (Naxos Audio CD) 

Symphony No.1 (Naxos Audio CD) $7.52
Symphony No.1 in B flat/Irish Rhapsody No.2 in F minor Op 84 (Chandos Audio CD) 

Symphony No.2 in D minor 'Elegiac'/Clarinet Concerto in A minor Op 80 (Chandos Audio CD) 

Symphony No.3 in F minor 'Irish' Op 28/Irish Rhapsody No.5 in G minor Op 147 (Chandos Audio CD) 

Symphony No.4 in F major Op 31/Oedipus Rex Prelude Op 29 etc. (Chandos Audio CD) 

Symphony No.5 Op 56 "L'Allegro ed il Penseroso"/Irish Rhapsody No.4 Op 141 (Chandos Audio CD) 

Symphony No.6/Irish Rhapsody No.1 in D minor Op 78 "To Hans Richter" (Chandos Audio CD) 

Symphony No.7 in D minor Op 124/Concert Piece for Organ and Orchestra Op 181 etc. (Chandos Audio CD) 

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Te Deum (the Morning Service) Stanford SATB $4.08
Te Deum In Bb (Ed Bramma) $4.08
Te Deum In C: SATB & Organ $4.08
Te Deum Laudamus In Bb (SATB) $2.50
Te Deum Laudamus In Bb (Unison) $2.20
Te Deum SATB & piano $48.33
The Blue Bird for SATB choir $1.88
The Fairy Lough $2.50
The Foggy Dew SATB $11.92
The Lord Is My Shepherd (SATB) $3.70
The Old Superb $1.88
The Revenge (Orchestra) (Full Score) $94.08
The Revenge (SATB) $18.77
Three Intermezzi for Clarinet & Piano $12.49
Three Motets SATB $11.28
To His Flocks (Elizabethan Pastorals Set 1) (SATB) $2.82
Trottin' to the Fair in D $2.82
Trottin' To The Fair No1/4 in C $12.54
Trottin' to the Fair No2/4 in D $14.43
Trottin' to the Fair No4/4 in F $12.54
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Via Victrix Mass vocal score $69.66
Violin Concerto in D major Op 74/Suite for violin and orchestra Op 32 (Hyperion Audio CD) 

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Watts' Cradle Song (SATB vocal score) $2.32
Watts' Cradle Song (SS vocal score) $2.57
When In Our Music God Is Glorified $2.82
When Mary Through The Garden SATB $2.26
When Mary Through The Garden Went occo 8 $3.51
Windy Nights (unison) $2.45
Windy Nights for unison voices $2.45
Witches Charms Unison  $1.88
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Ye Choirs Of New Jerusalem  $2.45
Ye choirs of New Jerusalem (SATB) $2.95
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