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2 Elegies Framing Sop Sax/Piano $19.55


An Invention on Solitude - clarinet and string quartet (score and parts) $37.02
Anna Nicole (Opus Arte DVD) $43.24$36.75
Anna Nicole (Opus Arte) (Blu-Ray Disc) $50.28$42.74
Another Set To/Silent Cities (revised version)/Four-Horned Fandango (Chandos Audio CD) $21.98$18.68

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Blood On The Floor (Arthaus DVD) $34.23

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Chicago Remains HPS1416 (Hawkes Pocket Scores series) $33.52
Cortège for Chris - clarinet, cello and piano (score and parts) $12.56

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Dark Crossing (Study Score) $41.90
Deviant Fantasy for 4 Cl SC & Parts $30.04
Dispelling the Fears $26.53
Dispelling the Fears - 2 trumpets and orchestra (study score) $23.74
Drowned Out (Pocket Score) $32.12

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Eulogy HPS1384 (Hawkes Pocket Scores series) $18.15

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Few Serenades Cello & Piano $15.35
Four Pieces for Clarinet and Piano $22.34
Frieze (HPS study score) $43.30
From The Wreckage HPS 1414 (Hawkes Pocket Scores series) $27.93

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GG - Digital Download $9.77
Greek Libretto $7.68
Greek Vocal Score $72.64

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Hidden Love Song HPS1434 (Hawkes Pocket Scores series) $18.15
Hilary's Hoedown for violin & piano (Digital Sheet Music) $3.49

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Kai - cello and ensemble (study score) $32.12
Kai - cello and piano reduction $43.30
Kai (Pocket Score) $26.53

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Lament for a Hanging Man (Pocket Score) $23.74
Lullaby For Hans HPS1410 (Hawkes Pocket Scores series) $12.56

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Mclaren's Farewell (2 Vocalises) Vc/Piano $18.15
Momentum - orchestra (study score) $23.74

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Night Dances - orchestra (study score) $37.02
Night Dances for Orchestra (Full Score)  $43.30
No Let Up HPS1398 (Hawkes Pocket Scores series) $36.31

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On All Fours (NMC Audio CD) $12.56
On All Fours for Chamber Ensemble (Full Score)  $27.93
On Opened Ground - viola and piano reduction $34.91
Orchestral Works vol.3 (Lpo Audio CD) $13.96

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Prayer for a great man (Digital Download) $3.49

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Release - 8 players (study score) $15.35
Release (Full Score) $11.53
Riffs And Refrains HPS1406 (Hawkes Pocket Scores series) $27.93

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Sarabande SAX $8.37
Scherzoid HPS1400 (Hawkes Pocket Scores series) $50.28
Scherzoid, Evening Songs, When I Woke, Yet Another Set To (LPO Super Audio SACD Super Audio CD) $18.09
Silent Cities Full Score $47.49
Silver Tassie Vocal Score $81.02
Sleep On - cello and piano $11.16
Sleep On Vcl/Piano $12.56
Slide Stride - piano and string quartet (score and parts) $54.47
Snapshots - ensemble $12.56
Some Days - mezzo-soprano and orchestra (study score) $23.74
Speranza (Hawkes Pocket Score - HPS 1594) $62.87

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The Torn Fields (vocal score) $40.50
This Silence (Onyx Classics Audio CD) $21.98$18.68
Three Farewells - flute, bass-clarinet, harp & string quartet (study score) $13.96
Three Night Carols SATB & piano $4.89
Three Screaming Popes (Full Score) $36.31
Three Songs Baritone & Piano $16.75
Three Trios (score & parts) $71.95
True Life Stories - 5 Meditations for Solo piano $12.56
Twice through the heart (study score) $57.27
Twice Through the Heart, Hidden Love Song, The Torn Fields (LPO Audio CD) $18.09
Twisted Blues with Twisted Ballad (parts) $92.19
Twisted Blues with Twisted Ballad HPS1504 (Hawkes Pocket Scores series) $32.12
Two Baudelaire Songs HPS1394 (Hawkes Pocket Scores series) $18.15
Two Memorials for Soprano Sax (or Clarinet) $8.37

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UNDANCE • Crying Out Loud • No Let Up (NMC Audio CD) $18.16

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Your Rockaby (Andrew Davis) (Decca Classics 20C Audio CD) $13.96
Your Rockaby (Pocket Score) $29.33