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3 Compositions By Henry VIII SATB $6.03


A Christmas Lullaby $2.86
A Grace (SAATB) $2.54
A satyr once did run away (SATB) $2.03
A Spotless Rose. SATB $2.86
Adieu Sweet Amaryllis SATB T612  $2.03
Admonition To Rulers Op. 43 SATB & Organ $5.71
After Rain (No. 4 of Earth Newborn) (SATB) $5.71
All Creatures Now SSATB $3.75
All People That On Earth Do Well SATB Org/Orchestra/Piano $4.44
All People That On Earth SATB + Solos  $1.84
All people, clap your hands $2.22
Alma Redemptoris Mater 3 tenors $2.79
Alma Redemptoris Mater SATB Eb $3.17
Almighty & everlasting God. SATB $2.86
Amyntas With His Phyllis Fair SATB  $2.48
An Echo from Willow Wood (SATB) $3.17
An Evening Hymn (SATB & Organ) $2.86
And I Heard A Great Voice SATBb String/organ $3.75
Anima Christi $2.41
Anthems & Motets (xxxviii) $115.54
April Is In My Mistress Face $2.73
April Is In My Mistress' Face Morley/dart/fellowes $1.08
As I rode out (SATB) $2.86
As The Leaves Fall SATB $6.03
As The Leaves Fall SSA $7.62
As Vesta Was From Latmos Hill Ssattb  $2.48
As Water To The Thirsty SATB & Piano/organ $2.54
Attend Unto My Tears/O Lord, Turn Not Away SATB $2.03
Attollite Portas $4.57
Ave Jesu Christe SATB Gmin $3.17
Ave Regina caelorum. B flat (orig. C) $3.75
Ave Regina Celorum/alleluia mezzo sop & 3 tenors $3.17
Ave Verum Corpus (All Hail): SATB $2.73
Ave Verum Corpus: SATB $1.21
Ave virgo sanctissima. SATB $2.86
Away in a manger. SATB $3.17
Ayres SATB $126.97
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Balulalow. S or Tr Solo, SATB & Org $2.86
Beati Estis SATB Bb $3.17
Before Me Careless Lying SSATB $4.32
Begone Dull Care SATB $3.49
Behold The Hour Cometh SATB $6.29
Behold, O God our defender / Let my prayer come up (SATB) $2.22
Benedicta Sit Sancta Trinitas SATB D $3.17
Benedictus Deus Noster SATB D $3.17
Benedictus Dominus SATB atbb Amin $3.17
Benedictus In F SATB & Organ $3.49
Blessed are they $2.92
Blue Bird SATB $2.79
Bread for the world (SATB) $2.48
Break Forth Into Joy SATB & Organ $2.48
Bright Clouds of May (No. 3 of Earth Newborn) (SATB) $5.71
By the Bivouac’s Fitful Flame $6.29
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Caecilia Virgo ssat atbb Amin $3.81
Call SATB & piano/organ $3.17
Can You Here Me (SATB) $3.17
Cansonets To Foure Voyces $30.47
Canterbury Responses unaccomp High Voices $2.92
Canticle Doubting Of Thomas atb $3.17
Cast Off All Doubtful Care sat $3.36
Catch me when I'm falling. SATB $2.86
Celebrate the greatest name $2.22
Changes SATB & solo vibraphone $5.71
Christ is alive $2.48
Christmas Bells. SATB $3.17
Citizen Vain Male Voices & Piano Duet $2.79
Come Again, Sweet Love SATB $2.73
Come Away Death SSATB $3.17
Come Lovers Follow Me SSAt $2.48
Come Shepherd Swains atb $2.48
Come Shepherd Swains SSA $2.48
Come Ye Thankful People Come SATB  $2.73
Come Ye With Psalmody SSATB $2.48
Come, Christians, join to sing (SATB) $2.48
Complete Catches $12.63
Coronation Gloria in Bb. SATB & Org $4.44
Crucifixus. SSATB & Org $2.92
Crux Fidelis (SATB) $2.54
Cum Jucunditate SATB Bb $3.17
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Dainty Fine Bird SSATB  $2.03
Dance (SATB and piano) $3.56
Dark Eyed Sailor (from "Five English Folk Songs") SATB $3.75
Dear Night SATB & organ $3.36
did you know. SATB & Pf $2.86
Dido and Aeneas (Vocal Score) $26.65
Do you not know? (SAB) $2.22
Domine Quis Habitabit (SSAATTBBB) $13.65
Domine Quis Habitabit I (6-part) $8.57
Domine Quis Habitabit II (6 Part) $7.62
Domine Quis Habitabit III (6 Part) $7.62
Down In Yon Forest SATB & piano $3.36
Draw on, sweet night $3.49
Drop, Drop Slow Tears: SSATB $2.73
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E Vesuvio Monte. SSAATTBB $3.43
Early English Church Music Volume 64 $101.58
Earth Is The Lord's SATB & organ $2.35
Earthly Tree (ssa & keyboard) *use 2355307* $2.48
Ecce Tu Pulchra Es SATB Bb $3.17
Ecce Vicit Leo SATB Bb $3.75
Eheu Sustulerunt Dominum SATB $2.48
English Anthems (Vol 11) $82.53
Evening Service (key: D) SATB & Organ $4.44
Evening Service Fmin (SATB double choir) $4.13
Evening Service For Trebles sSATB & organ $4.76
Evening Service No2 D SATB & Organ  $5.02
Everlasting Lord Is King SATB $2.22
Exsurgens Maria SATB Amin $3.81
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Faery Chorus SATB & piano $1.08
Faery Chorus SATB & Piano $2.48
Fair Phyllis I Saw Farmer atbb $2.48
Fair Phyllis I Saw SATB $2.79
Fairy Isle SSA $4.76
Father In Heaven SATB  $0.95
Festival Chime (In Town and in Village) (SATB) $3.36
Fifteenth Century Liturgical Music IV $69.83
Fifteenth Century Liturgical Music V $69.83
Fifteenth Century Liturgical Music VI $109.19
Fifteenth-Century Liturgical Music, VIII: Settings of the Gloria and Credo $146.02
Fire, Fire! My Heart SSATB $2.92
Fire, Silver, Gold. SATB $3.17
Five Anthems for the Liturgical Year $8.38
Five English Folk Songs $10.79
Flora Gave Me Fairest Flowers: SSATB $2.48
For Lo I Raise Up SATB & organ $4.13
From heaven on high the angels sing $3.17
Fum! fum! fum! unison voices & piano/guitar $2.03
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Garland For The Queen (songs for mixed voices) $14.60
Gaudeamus Omnes In Domino SATB Bb $3.81
Gaudens Gaudebo In Domino SATB Bb $3.17
Gentes Philippus Ducit SATB D $3.17
Gentle Rain SATB unaccompanied $3.05
Gethsemane (SATB) $1.59
Gloria in excelsis Deo (SSAATB) $2.73
Gloria Tibi Trinitas (mass) sattbb $11.11
Glorious and Powerful God (SATB) $2.73
God Speaks Sometimes In Visions SSAATTBB $5.71
Good Morrow Fair Ladies Atb $2.48
Grace Of Life SATB $3.36
Greater Love Hath No Man: SATB & Organ $4.76
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Hail, Gladdening Light (SATB) $2.73
Hark All Ye Lovely Saints (s.S.A.T.B.)  $2.73
He wishes for the cloths of heaven (SATB) $2.54
Hence Care Thou Art Too Cruel sSATB  $2.48
Here Is The Little Door SATB $4.13
Hills, The: SATB $3.49
Hosanna to the Son of David $2.22
Hosanna To The Son Of David: Choral $3.36
How Great Delight sab $2.03
Hush My Dear! SATB Unaccompanied $2.54
Hymn For The Nation SATB & Organ $2.92
Hymns To Mary (2) SATB Unaccompanied $2.48
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I Come Like A Beggar Unison & Piano $2.03
I know the stars. SATB & Pf $3.17
I Love Alas I Love Thee ATTBB $2.48
I will lay me down (SATB) $3.17
In Going To My Naked Bed SATB $2.03
In Pride Of May SSATB $2.48
In The Departure Of The Lord SATB $2.03
Infelix Ego (SMezATBarB) ed. Brown $11.11
Into the Tomb. SATB $2.86
Introits (2) SATB & organ $2.35
Invitation to Madrigals Book 1 $7.94
Invitation to Madrigals, Book 1 for SAB choir $9.52
Invitation To Part Songs Book 7 Glees & Madrigals $7.30
Invitation to the Partsong Book 8 (Vocal Ensemble) $7.94
It Sifts From Leaden Sieves (SATB Voices) $2.86
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Jacobean Lyrics SATB $3.17
Japanese Sweet unison Voices, perc & Piano $2.79
Jolly Wat the Shepherd $3.30
Joly Joly Wat. SATB & Org or Pf $2.92
Joshua Fit The Battle Of Jericho SATB & $2.67
Jubilate Deo (SATB) $3.36
Jubilate Deo SATB & Organ $2.98
Jubilate Deo SATB Amin $3.17
Just As The Tide Was Flowing (from "Five English Folk Songs") SATB $3.49
Justorum Animae - SSATB (ed. Philip Brett) $2.86
Justorum Animae (Souls Of): SSATB $2.73
Justorum Animae (SSATB) ed. Brett $6.03
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Lady Your Words Do Spite Me sSATB $2.48
Laudate Nomen Domini SATB $2.03
Laudibus In Sanctis (Praise) SSATB $5.02
Laudibus In Sanctis (SSATB) ed. Brown $8.57
Lead Us Heavenly Father (tenor solo + SATB) $2.03
Let all mortal flesh keep silence $3.36
Let All Mortal Flesh SATB $3.75
Let All The World In Every Corn Sing Unison $2.48
Let All The World In Every Corner SATB $4.13
Let us With a Gladsome Mind SATB $2.41
Lights Out (No. 2 of Earth Newborn) (SATB) $5.71
Loch Lomond SSATB $3.75
Lord Is My Shepherd SATBb Strings/organ $3.75
Lord Of The Dance rutter SATB & Piano $4.13
Lord Of The Dance: SATB $3.81
Lord Of The Dance: SATB & Organ $4.00
Lord of the Dancing Day arr. David Mooney. Score $3.56
Lord of the Dancing Day arr. David Mooney. Set of Instrumental Parts $4.76
Love bade me welcome (SATB) $2.86
Love Is A Sickness: SATB $2.03
Love Learns By Laughing Atb $2.03
Love Not Me For Comely Grace SATB $2.48
Love Took His Bow And Arrow sattb $2.48
Love Unto Thine Own Who Camest SATB & Organ $3.05
Lover's Ghost (from "Five English Folk Songs") SATB $2.73
Lovesongs & Observations SATB $4.44
Lux aeterna $3.17
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Madrigals & Motets For 5 Parts  $35.55
Madrigals & Motets For Five Parts $35.55
Madrigals For Four Voices $33.01
Madrigals To 5 & 6 Parts  $30.47
Madrigals To Four Voices $44.12
Man In His Labour Rejoiceth SATB & Pf $3.05
Man That Is Born/in The $4.44
Marching to Zion $2.92
Mater Christi (O Most Holy) SATB $4.00
Missa San Marco $4.13
Motets (5) SATB & orchestra $5.71
My Beloved Spake $4.44
My bonny lass she Smileth SAATB $2.73
Mystical Songs (5) SATB $5.71
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Ne Irascaris/Civitas Sancti (SATBar/SATT) $10.09
Never weather-beaten sail (SATB) $2.54
Never Weather-Beaten Sail SATB $2.73
Nolo mortem peccatoris (ATTB) $2.73
Norwich Service (SATB and organ (with divisions)) $4.76
Now Is The Month Of Maying: Sattb $2.73
Now Is The Month Of Maying: SSA $2.92
Nowell! SATB $2.86
Nunc Dimitis Servum Tumm (SATTB) ed. Brett $6.98
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O Be Joyful In The Lord SATB $5.02
O Care Thou Wilt Dispatch $2.48
O Clap Your Hands (Psalm 47) SATB $4.44
O Clap Your Hands (psalm 47) SATB & Organ $4.44
O Domine Jesu Christe $2.41
O For A Closer Walk: SATB & Organ $2.29
O Let Me Live: SATB $2.48
O Magnum Mysterium: SATB $2.67
O Pastor Aeterne SATB G $3.17
O Quam Suavis Est SATB Amim $3.81
O Quam Suavis SATB Gmin $3.17
O Queen of Heaven (SATB) $2.48
O sacrum convivium (ii) $2.41
O Sleep Fond Fancy SATB $3.49
O Thou The Central Orb SSAAtbb $3.75
Oh For A Closer To Walk With God SATB $2.60
Oh Praise The Lord Of Heaven SATB $4.13
On Life's Dividing Sea (SATB) $3.17
On Nights Like This Unison & Piano $3.05
On The Plains, Fairy Trains sSATB $2.98
One More Step Unison & Keyboard $2.48
Opposites. SATB $3.43
Oxen SATB Unaccompaniedapnied $2.03
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Panis Sancte SATB Gmin $3.17
Peace I leave with you (SATB) $2.22
Penny Fiddle unison & piano $2.03
Phyllis Farewell (s.A.T.B.)  $2.03
Praise Our Lord Among His Holy Ones SSATB $3.75
Praise our Lord, all ye gentiles (SSATBB) $3.36
Psallite Domino SSATB $2.41
Psalm 122 *archive* $6.98
Psalm 148: Lord, who hast made us for thine own (SATB) $3.81
Psalm 67. S, B Solo & SATB $2.54
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Quae est ista. B flat (orig. C) $3.75
Quomodo Cantabimus (SSAATTBB) ed. Edwards $11.11
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Regina Caeli Laerare ssat SATB G $3.81
Regina Celi mezzo-soprano,3 tenors & baritone $3.17
Rejoice In The Lord SATB  $4.13
Requests (I asked for Peace) (SATB) $2.73
Rest Sweet Nymph SATB $2.03
Rhyfedd, Rhyfedd / Wonder, Wonder (SATB Voices) $3.49
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Sacerdotes Domini (SATB) $2.48
Saint Patricks Breastplate: SATB & Organ $3.05
Salve Regina mezzo-soprano & tenor $3.30
Salve Regina SATB $2.48
Salve Regina SATB Eb $3.17
Second Set Of Madrigals (1609) $38.09
See, See The Word is Incarnate Saatb $5.07
Set me as a seal upon thine heart (SAATB) $2.86
Shoot False Love I Care Not SSATB  $0.95
Short Mass SATB $4.13
Siderum rector (Lord God Almighty) $2.92
Siderum Rector (SSATB) ed. Fellowes $3.30
Siderum Rector (SSATB) ed. Monson $6.98
Silver Swan SATB arB $2.73
Silver Swan SATB B $2.22
Since My Tears And Lamenting SATB $2.03
Sing Joyfully (SSAATB) $3.49
Sing Joyfully Onto God (SSAATB) ed. Monson $6.98
Sing To The Lord With Thanksgiving SATB  $1.59
Sing We And Chant It $2.73
Sing We At Pleasure ssa $2.03
Sleep Holy Babe! SATB $2.92
Slow Down Moses SATB Unaccompanied $2.03
So Long Ago sop& ten solo & SATB $2.79
Softly O Softly Drop Mine Eyes ssaatb $3.05
Something Exciting (SSAATB) $3.17
Song Of Isiah SATB/unison & Organ/guitar $2.03
Song of Songs. SATB $2.86
Songs As If For Children unison & Piano $3.05
Soon and Very Soon - SATB $3.17
Soon And Very Soon (TTBB) $3.17
Souls Of The Righteous $2.67
Souls Of The Righteous SSATB $2.03
Spring Time Of The Year (from "Five English Folk Songs") SATB $2.86
St Katherine's Communion Service melody $2.03
St Katherine's Communion Service trebles & piano/organ $3.11
Stay, Corydon thou swain (SSATTB) $3.36
Stone On Stone bass, tenor, choral speakers & SATB $3.05
Stone On Stone melody edition $2.03
Summer in Winter. SATB & Org or Pf $2.41
Swallow SATB $2.54
Sweet Day (from "Three Elizabethan Partsongs") SATB $2.79
Sweet Day (from "Three Elizabethan Partsongs") SSA $2.73
Sweet honey-sucking bees $2.48
Sweet Neglect: Choral $1.08
Sweet stay awhile (SATB) $2.86
Sweet Suffolk Owl $2.03
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Tah Dah! (SATB Voices) $3.17
Tell out, my soul (SATB) $2.48
Terly Terlow SATB (Ob/Vc) $2.48
Thanksgiving Hymn: SATB & Organ $2.73
The Andalusian Merchant with Thule, the Period of Cosmography $3.30
The King of Glory. SATB & Org $3.17
The Oxen SATB $3.17
The Seven Arches (SATB) $3.49
The Shape of Trees. SATB $3.17
The Shepherds' Tale. SATB. Vsc $10.16
The Trumpet (No. 1 of Earth Newborn) (SATB) $5.71
The Way Through the Woods (SSAATTBB unaccompanied) $5.08
The Works of the Lord (SATB) $2.48
The World itself keeps Easter Day $2.22
There Is No Rose Sat $1.40
This Day Christ Was Born SSAATB $4.00
This Is The Record Of John (saatb & organ) $3.36
Though Philomela Lost Her Love SSA $2.03
Thus Saith My Cloris Bright saa(or T)b $2.03
To My Humble Supplication (Psalm 86) SATB $3.81
To Shorten Winter's Sadness SSATB $2.29
Tribulations Civitatem (SATBarB) ed. Brown $8.57
Truth Sent From Above SATB $2.92
Tu Es Petrus SATB Bb $3.81
Tu Es Petrus SSATTB $2.48
Turn Back O Man SATB & Piano $3.17
Turn Our Captivity O Lord (SSAATB) ed. Morehen $6.98
Turn thy face from my sins $2.22
Two Introits: O Bone Jesu and Fecisti Nos $2.67
Two Love Songs (SATB Voices) $3.17
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Ubi caritas (SATB) $2.98
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Vexilla Regis SATB Chorus, brass & Org $3.75
Vexilla Regis Vocal Score: Choral SATB $5.02
Videntes stellam (SATB) $2.86
Vigilate (SATBarB) ed. Brown $7.62
Vigilate (SATTB) ed. Fellowes & Dart $7.62
Vulnera Manuum Quae Sunt SATB Amin $3.17
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We come as guests invited $2.48
We light a candle (SSAATB) $3.05
We Three Kings. Brass Quintet & Pf $25.39
We Three Kings. SATB & Piano $3.49
Wedding Responses upper voices $2.03
What Cheer? SATB & Org $4.00
When David heard (SSAATB) $2.22
When David Heard: Saatb $2.73
When I Needed A Neighbour (SATB) $3.17
When In Our Music God Is Glorified $2.86
When Mary Through The Garden SATB $2.92
When The Calm Of Night SATB & organ $3.17
When The Church Of JesusSATB & organ $2.73
Willow Song (from "Three Elizabethan Partsongs") SATB $2.73
Willow Wood (for baritone/sa & orchestra) $8.38
Winter SATB $1.08
Winter SSATB $2.35
Woe Is Me (SATB) $7.30
Wounded I Am $2.03
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Ye choirs of New Jerusalem (SATB) $2.98
Ye Restless Thoughts sab $2.03
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