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Archie Shepp Quartet Part 1 (TDK DVD) $31.29$26.60
Archie Shepp Quartet Part 2 (TDK DVD) $31.29$26.60
Art Blakey Live In 58 (TDK DVD) $31.28
Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers (TDK DVD) $31.29$26.60
Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers (TDK DVD) $31.29$26.60

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Best of Jazz (TDK DVD) $7.30$6.21
Best of Jazz Open 1998 (DVD) $31.29$26.60
Best of Jazz Open 1998 NTSC (DVD) $31.29$26.60

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Cannonball Adderley Live ’63 (Jazz Icons DVD) $22.34$18.99
Charles Mingus Live In 64 (Jazz Icons DVD) $31.28$26.59
Chick Corea & Gary Burton (TDK DVD) $31.29$26.60
Coleman Hawkins (Naxos Jazz Icons 4 DVD) $30.00$25.50
Count Basie Live In 62 (TDK DVD) $23.45

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Detour Ahead An Afternoon With Herb Ellis DVD $25.48
Duke Ellington Swinging At His Best (DVD) $7.65

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Easter Suite (Arthaus DVD) $22.97$19.52
Elizabeth Cotton In Concert 1969 1978 1980 DVD $26.01
Erroll Garner (Naxos Jazz Icons 4 DVD) $30.00$25.50
Esp2 A Tribute To Miles (TDK DVD) $31.29$26.60

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Famous Jazz Duets ( NTSC) (Arthaus DVD) $31.29$26.60
Famous Jazz Duets (PAL) (Arthaus DVD) $31.29$26.60
Felix Baloy & The Afro-Cuban All Stars (DVD) $26.01

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Herbie Hancock Special (TDK DVD) $31.29$26.60
Herbie Hancock Trio (TDK DVD) $31.29$26.60

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Jazil Brazz $8.87
Jazz Club Highlights 1990 (TDK DVD) $31.28
Jazz Icons Series 1 Box Set (Jazz Icons DVD 9-Disc set) $169.16$143.79
Jazz Icons Series 2 Box Set (Jazz Icons DVD 6-Disc set) $117.33$99.73
Jazz Icons Series 4 Box Set (Naxos Jazz Icons 4 DVD 8-disc set) $210.02$178.51
Jazz Parades Feet Don't Fail Me Now video $1.26
Joe Pass Genius of DVD $25.48
Joe Pass In Concert Video $3.80
Joe Zawinul Syndicate (TDK DVD) $31.29$26.60

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Legends of Jazz Guitar vol.1 DVD $25.48
Legends of Jazz Guitar vol.2 DVD $26.58
Legends of Jazz Guitar vol.3 DVD $25.48
Lionel Hampton Live In ’58 (Jazz Icons DVD) $22.34$18.99
Live at Blenheim Palace (Decca DVD) $22.98
Live In 64 & 79 (TDK DVD) $23.45$19.94
Live in Belgium 1958 (DVD) $23.45$19.94
Live In Concert (DVD) $31.29$26.60
Live In Montreal (Decca DVD) $22.98

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Martin Taylor In Concert DVD $25.48
Modern Jazz Quartet (Arthaus DVD) $22.34$18.99
Modern Jazz Quartet (Arthaus DVD) $22.34$18.99
Modern Jazz Quartet (TDK DVD) $31.29$26.60
Modern Jazz Quartet 35th Anniversary (TDK DVD) $31.29$26.60
Montreux Festival DVD $26.07

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Oscar Peterson Live In ’63 ’64 & ’65 (Jazz Icons DVD) $22.34$18.99

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Pierre Bensusan In Concert DVD $26.01

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Rahsaan Roland Kirk Live In ’63 & ’67 (Jazz Icons DVD) $22.34$18.99

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Sonny Rollins Live In ’65 & ’68 (Jazz Icons DVD) $22.34$18.99

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The Ultimate Adventure - Live in Barcelona (Concord DVD) $22.98
Thelonious Monk Live In 66 (TDK DVD) $23.45$19.94
Tribute To Miles (TDK DVD) $31.30$26.61

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Warsaw Jazz Jamboree (TDK DVD) $31.28
Warsaw Jazz Jamboree (TDK DVD) $31.29$26.60
World of Rhythm Live (TDK DVD) $31.29$26.60