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12 Études d'exécution transcendente, Op. 11 (complete) (APR Audio CD) $13.15$11.18


Adolf Busch & Rudolf Serkin - Unpublished duo recordings (APR Audio CD) $13.17$11.19
APR Signature Series Dinu Lipatti (APR Audio CD) $13.15$11.18

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Claudio Arrau In Concert (vol.1) (APR Audio CD) $13.15$11.18
Claudio Arrau performs... (Audio CD) $13.15$11.18
Complete studio piano recordings of Nikolai Medtner vol.1 (APR Audio CD) $13.15$11.18
Cyril Smith plays Rachmaninoff and Dohnányi (Audio CD) $13.18$11.20

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Godowsky: The Pianists' Pianist - An Anthology Of His American Recordings 1913-1926 (APR Audio CD) $21.11$17.95

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Louis Kentner - The Pioneering Liszt Recordings (APR Audio CD) $17.07
Louis Kentner: The pioneering Liszt recordings volume 1 (1937-41) (APR Audio CD) $11.20
Louis Kentner: The pioneering Liszt recordings volume 2 (APR Audio CD) $17.07

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Moritz Rosenthal - The Complete HMV Recordings 1934-37 (APR Audio CD) $26.38$22.43

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Parlophone Rec (Apr Audio CD) (5-disc set) $40.84$34.72

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Richard Strauss conducts Richard Strauss: Macbeth Op 23 etc. (APR Audio CD) $13.15$11.18

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Sergio Fiorentino - The Early Recordings: Liszt (vol.1) (APR Audio CD) $17.07
Sergio Fiorentino Edition I (APR Audio CD) $13.15$11.18
Sergio Fiorentino Edition III (APR Audio CD) $13.15$11.18
Sergio Fiorentino Edition VII (APR Audio CD) $13.15$11.18
Sergio Fiorentino plays Rachmaninoff's complete Preludes (Audio CD) $13.15$11.18
Simon Barere - Live Recordings at Carnegie Hall (vol.2) (APR Audio CD) $13.15$11.18

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Valerie Tryon - Ignaz Friedman (vol.1) (APR Audio CD) $13.15$11.18
Valerie Tryon: Scarlatti Keyboard Sonatas (APR Audio CD) $13.18$11.20