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10 Symphonies (BIS Audio CD 6-disc set) $64.17$54.54
100 Folk-tunes from Hardanger (BIS Audio CD) $20.91


Alan Gilbert Conducts C Rouse (BIS Audio CD) $20.08
All the Lonely People (BIS Audio CD) $20.75
American Trombone Concertos (BIS Audio CD) $20.96$17.82
An Anthology of Icelandic Choir Music (BIS Audio CD) $20.97$17.83
Anne Sofie von Otter sings Sibelius (BIS Audio CD) $20.91$17.77
Apothéoses (BIS Audio CD) $20.75
Arrangements for Guitar (BIS Audio CD) $20.08

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Brett Dean Composer & Performer (BIS Audio CD) $20.91
British Oboe Quartets - Various (BIS Audio CD) $20.91$17.77
Busking/Nebelsteinmusik/Violin Concerto No.1 (BIS Audio CD) $21.63$18.39

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Candlelight Carols - Jul med Allmänna Sången (BIS Audio CD) $21.63$18.39
Carmina Burana (Chamber Version) (BIS Audio CD) $21.41
Cello Concerto (BIS Audio CD) $21.41
Cello Concerto and Symphonies No1, No2 and No3 (BIS Audio CD) $20.75
Cello Concertos (BIS Audio CD) $20.08
Chamber Music for Flute, Viola & Piano (BIS Audio CD) $20.91$17.77
Chamber Works for Cello (BIS Audio CD) $21.63$18.39
Children's Cello (BIS Audio CD) $21.41
Christmas in Sweden (BIS Audio CD) $20.75
Clarinet Concerto & Quintet (BIS Audio CD) $21.63$18.39
Clarinet Concertos & Quintet (BIS SACD Super Audio CD) $20.08
Clavier-Übung II (BIS Audio CD) $20.08
Clemency (BIS Audio CD) $21.63$18.39
Complete Organ Music (BIS SACD Super Audio CD) (BIS Audio CD) $42.60$36.21
Complete Organ Music vol.3 (BIS Audio CD) $41.10
Complete Organ Music vol.6 (BIS Audio CD) $41.50
Complete Organ Music vol.8 Clavierübung III (BIS Audio CD) $40.23
Complete Piano Music (BIS Audio CD) $20.91$17.77
Complete Piano Music (BIS Audio CD) $20.91$17.77
Complete Piano Music vol.3 (BIS Audio CD) $20.08
Complete Piano Music vol.4 (BIS Audio CD) $20.91$17.77
Complete Piano Quartets (BIS Audio CD) $21.41
Complete Piano Sonatas (BIS Audio CD) $58.34
Complete Piano Variations (BIS Audio CD) $42.60$36.21
Complete Solo Concertos (BIS Audio CD) $61.57
Complete Symphonies 4-CD Set (BIS Audio CD) $61.60$52.36
Complete Violin Music (BIS Audio CD) $20.08
Complete Wind Quintets (BIS Audio CD) $41.48
Concerto for 2 Bassons and Orchestra (BIS Audio CD) $21.63$18.39
Confession of Isobel Gowdie/Tuireadh/Exorcism of Rio Sumpul (BIS Audio CD) $21.63
Curse Upon Iron (Bis SACD Super Audio CD) $21.63$18.39

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Dettifoss and other orchestral works (BIS Audio CD) $21.63$18.39
Duos for Violin and Cello (BIS Audio CD) $20.08

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Elena Papandreou plays Dyens (BIS Audio CD) $21.41
Elevazione - The Magic of the Oboe (BIS Audio CD) $21.63
Encore! (BIS Audio CD) $20.08
Ensemble Ambrosius Zappa Album (BIS Audio CD) $21.41
Epiclesis (Trumpet Concerto)/Ninian (Clarinet Concerto) (BIS Audio CD) $20.91

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Fantazias (BIS Audio CD) $20.65
Faust Cantata (BIS Audio CD) $21.63$18.39

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Gamba Sonatas (CD) $20.91

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Hafís (BIS Audio CD) $20.91$17.77
Harawi / Poèmes pour Mi, Book 1 (BIS Audio CD) $20.75
Hot Music (BIS Audio CD) $20.08
Hungarian Music for Wind Quintet (BIS Audio CD) $20.75

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Korsfarerne (The Crusaders) (BIS Audio CD) $21.63$18.39

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Lachrymae Op. 48a/Variations on a Theme of Frank Bridge Op. 10/Les Illuminations Op. 18 (BIS Audio C $21.63$18.39
Le Sacre du Printemps (Rite of Spring)/Firebird (L'Oiseau de Feu)/Petrouchka arr.piano(BIS Audio CD) $20.91
Lemminkäinen Suite, Op. 22 (BIS Audio CD) $20.91$17.77
Liongate/Calaïs/Columbine/Euridice (BIS Audio CD) $18.02$15.32

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Manhattan Broadcasts/Cello Concerto/Zeitfluren (Timescapes) (BIS Audio CD) $20.91$17.77
Miroirs/Le tombeau de Couperin (BIS Audio CD) $20.91$17.77
Mladi (Bis Audio CD) $20.91
Mozart on the Organ (BIS Audio CD) $20.52
Music for Guitar (BIS Audio CD) $20.75
Music for Strings, Percussion & Celesta BB 114, Divertimento for Strings, Sz 113 etc. (BIS Audio CD) $21.63$18.39

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Nalle Puh/Trollkarlens lärling/The Sorcerer´s Apprentice (without narration) (BIS Audio CD) $20.08
Nightingale - Japanese Arts Songs (BIS Audio CD) $21.63$18.39
Nordic Light - Music for strings (BIS Audio CD) $21.63$18.39

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Oboe Concerto in D major Op 144 (AV 144 TrV 292)/Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme Op 60 (BIS Audio CD) $21.63$18.39
Oboe Concerto/Solo Ix (Bis Hybrid SACD) $21.63$18.39

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Peer Gynt The Complete Incidental Music (BIS SACD Super Audio CD) $41.50
Piano Music - Symphonic Dances from West Side Story/Fancy Free/Touches (BIS Audio CD) $21.63
Piano Trios Op. 1 & 97 (BIS Audio CD) $21.41
Pièces de viole du second livre (BIS Audio CD) $21.63$18.39
Preludes and Dreams (BIS Audio CD) $21.63$18.39
Pulcinella (suite)/Dances Concertantes/Arrangement of Sibelius's Canzonetta Op. 62a (BIS Audio CD) $20.91

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Recorder Concertos (BIS Audio CD) $20.91$17.77

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Silenzio/De profundis/Et exspecto/In Erwatung (BIS Audio CD) $21.41
Sinfonia/Pensieri sopra un cantico vecchio/Concerto for Violin and Orchestra (BIS Audio CD) $20.91$17.77
Six Suites for Solo Cello (BIS Audio CD) $41.48
Sonatas Op. 109, Op. 110 & Op. 111 (BIS Audio CD) $21.41
Spring Song, Op. 16/The Bard/Valse chevaleresque/3 suites/Presto (BIS Audio CD) $20.75
St Matthew Passion (BIS Audio CD) $61.60$52.36
St. Matthew Passion (BIS SACD Super Audio CD) $20.75
Stabat Mater (BIS Hybrid SACD Super Audio CD) $21.63$18.39
String Quartet in C sharp minor, Op. 131/Grosse Fuge in B flat major, Op. 133 (BIS Audio CD) $20.91$17.77
String Quartets 1888-1889 (BIS Audio CD) $21.41
String Quintets (BIS Audio CD) $20.08
Symphonies (BIS SACD Super Audio CD 5-disc set) $42.60$36.21
Symphonies 2 ‘The Four Temperaments’ & 5 (BIS Audio CD) $21.63
Symphonies 3 & 8 (BIS SACD Super Audio CD) $20.75
Symphonies No1 and 2 (BIS Audio CD) $21.41
Symphonies Nos. 3 & 4 (BIS Audio CD) $20.06
Symphonies Nos.6 & 7/Tapiola (BIS Audio CD) $20.62$17.53
Symphony No.1/Rhapsody Overture/Concerto for Flute and Orchestra (BIS Audio CD) $20.91$17.77
Symphony No.2 Op. 27 in E minor (BIS Audio CD) $20.75
Symphony No.2/Cumnock Fair/Sinfonietta (BIS Audio CD) $20.08
Symphony No.5 in D minor Op 47 (BIS Audio CD) $9.11
Symphony No.5/Oversure in C/Symphony No.6 (BIS Audio CD) $21.41
Symphony No.7 Angel of Light/Dances with the Winds/Cantus arcticus (BIS Audio CD) $20.08
Symphony No.7 in C major Op 60 'Leningrad' (BIS Audio CD) $20.75
Symphony No.8 The Journey/Violin Concerto (BIS Audio CD) $21.63$18.39
Symphony No.8/Symphonic Prelude/For Liverpool (BIS Audio CD) $20.91$17.77
Symphony No.9 ‘Choral’ (BIS SACD Super Audio CD) $21.63$18.39
Symphony Nos. 4 & 5 (Bis SACD) $20.97$17.83
Symphony of Psalms/Le Sacre du Printemps (The Rite of Spring) (BIS Audio CD) $20.91$17.77

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The Complete Piano Sonatas, Vol. 1 (BIS Audio CD) $21.63$18.39
The Complete Piano Sonatas, Vol. 3 (BIS Audio CD) $21.63$18.39
The Creation (BIS Audio CD) $42.60$36.21
The Firebird (Bis SACD Super Audio CD) $21.63$18.39
The Four String Quartets (BIS Audio CD) $42.60$36.21
The Magic of Bach - Hans Fagius plays favourite Organ Works (BIS Audio CD) $16.98
The Queenes Command (BIS Audio CD) $20.75
The Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra/Symphony for Cello & Orchestra, Op. 68 (BIS Audio CD) $21.63$18.39
Three String Quartets (BIS Audio CD) $20.91$17.77
Tryst /Í (A Meditation on Iona)/Adams Rib/They Saw the Stone Had Been Rolled Away (BIS Audio CD) $21.63

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Variations on a Theme of Chopin/Sonata No.2 Op. 36/Liebesleid/Liebesfreud (BIS SACD Super Audio CD) $21.63$18.39
Violin Concertos vol.1 (BIS Audio CD) $21.63$18.39
Violin Sonatas (BIS Audio CD) $20.91$17.77
Violin Works (BIS Audio CD) $21.63$18.39
Visitatio Sepulchri/Sun-Dogs (BIS SACD Super Audio CD) $21.63

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Water Music (Bis Audio CD) $21.41
Why is this night different?/Tuireadh/Visions of a November Spring/Memento (BIS Audio CD) $21.63
Works for violin & piano (BIS Audio CD) $20.91
World's Ransoming/Cello Concerto (BIS Audio CD) $21.63

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Zeitstimmung/Rough Music/Charivari (BIS SACD Super Audio CD) $21.41