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A Musical Eye - The Visual World of Britten & Pears $29.18
A Tanner's Worth of Tune (Boydell Press) Hardback $33.54
All the Gods (Plumbago Books) Hardback $46.96
Analyzing Atonal Music (University of Rochester Press) Hardback $67.09
Art of Musical Phrasing in the Eighteenth Century (University of Rochester Press) Hardback $73.79
Aspects of Unity in JS Bach's Partitas and Suites (University of Rochester Press) Hardback $53.67
August Halm (University of Rochester Press) Hardback $67.09
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Bach and the Pedal Clavichord (University of Rochester Press) Hardback $53.67
Bach's Changing World: (University of Rochester Press) Hardback $53.67
Ballet Collaborations of Richard Strauss (University of Rochester Press) Hardback $67.09
Bax (Boydell Press) Hardback $40.18
BBC Music in the Glock Era and After (Plumbago Books) Hardback $53.67
BBC Music in the Glock Era and After (Plumbago Books) Paperback $24.14
Beethoven's Century (University of Rochester Press) Hardback $60.38
Benjamin Britten (Boydell Press) Hardback $60.38
Berlioz: Past Present Future (University of Rochester Press) Hardback $53.67
Berlioz: Scenes from the Life and Work (University of Rochester Press) Hardback $53.67
Berlioz's Semi-Operas (University of Rochester Press) Hardback $53.67
Best Years of British Film Music 1936-1958 (Boydell Press) Hardback $73.79
Beyond Britten: The Composer and the Community $60.38
Beyond The Art of Finger Dexterity (University of Rochester Press) Hardback $53.67
Beyond the Notes (Boydell Press) Paperback $20.11
Brian Havergal on Music (Toccata Press) Hardback $60.38
British Piano Sonata 1870-1945 (Boydell Press) Hardback $67.09
Britten in Pictures $29.18
Busoni as Pianist (University of Rochester Press) Hardback $53.67
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CageTalk (University of Rochester Press) Hardback $33.54
Catch and Glee Culture in Eighteenth-Century England (Boydell Press) Hardback $67.09
Celestial Music? (Boydell Press) Hardback $33.54
Chamber Cantatas of Antonio Vivaldi (Boydell Press) Hardback $67.09
Chansons of Orlando di Lasso and Their Protestant Listeners: (University of Rochester Press) H/B $53.67
Church Music of Fifteenth-Century Spain (Boydell Press) Hardback $67.09
Citation and Authority in Medieval and Renaissance Musical Culture (Boydell Press) Hardback $80.50
Claude Debussy As I Knew Him' and Other Writings of Arthur Hartmann (University of Rochester Press)  $67.09
Clock of the Years (Chosen Press) Hardback $33.54
Collected Letters of Peter Warlock (Philip Heseltine) 4 volset (Boydell Press) Hardback $268.34
Companion to Wagner's Parsifal (Camden House) Paperback $26.82
Composing in Words (Toccata Press) Hardback $50.92
Comrades in Art (Toccata Press) Hardback $46.96
Concert Music Rock and Jazz Since 1945 (University of Rochester Press) Paperback $26.82
Copland Connotations: Studies and Interviews (Boydell Press) Hardback $60.38
Cristóbal de Morales (Boydell Press) Hardback $60.38
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Dane Rudhyar (University of Rochester Press) Hardback $53.67
Debussy's Letters to Inghelbrecht (University of Rochester Press) Hardback $46.96
Debussy's Mélisande (Boydell Press) Hardback $40.25
Dieterich Buxtehude (University of Rochester Press) Hardback $53.67
Discovering Mahler (Boydell Press) Hardback $67.09
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Edgard Varèse (Boydell Press) Hardback $46.96
Edmund Rubbra: Symphonist (Boydell Press) Hardback $67.09
Edvard Grieg in England (Boydell Press) Hardback $60.38
Elgar the Music Maker (Boydell Press) Hardback $22.80
Elliott Carter: A Centennial Portrait in Letters & Documents (Hardback) $33.54
Erik Chisholm Scottish Modernist (1904-1965) (Boydell Press) Hardback $67.09
Essays on the History of English Music in Honour of John Caldwell (Boydell Press) Hardback $67.09
European Music 1520-1640 (Boydell Press) Hardback $100.63
European Music and Musicians in New York City 1840-1900 (University of Rochester Press) Hardback $53.67
Explaining Tonality (University of Rochester Press) Hardback $73.79
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Film Music and Beyond (Plumbago Books) Hardback $53.67
Film Music and Beyond (Plumbago Books) Paperback $21.45
Finzi - His Life And Music $20.11
For the Enrichment of Community Life (University of Rochester Press) Paperback $20.11
Four Centuries of Music Teaching Manuals 1518-1932 (Boydell Press) Hardback $40.25
Frank Sinatra (University of Rochester Press) Hardback $33.54
Franz Schubert: Music and Belief (Boydell Press) Paperback $22.80
French Music Culture and National Identity 1870-1939 (University of Rochester Press) Hardback $67.09
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Genetic Criticism and the Creative Process (University of Rochester Press) Hardback $53.67
Genius of Valhalla (Boydell Press) Paperback $20.11
Going My Way (University of Rochester Press) Hardback $33.54
Grieg (Boydell Press) Hardback $67.09
Gustav Holst: Collected Facsimile of Autograph Manuscripts of the Published Works (Chamber Operas) $100.63
Gustav Mahler 3 volset (Boydell Press) Paperback $73.79
Gustav Mahler: Songs and Symphonies (Boydell Press) Paperback $33.54
Gustav Mahler: The Early Years (Boydell Press) Paperback $26.82
Gustav Mahler: The Wunderhorn Years (Boydell Press) Paperback $33.54
Gyorgy Kurtág (University of Rochester Press) Hardback $53.67
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Handel's Operas 1704-1726 & 1726-1741 2-volset (Boydell Press) Hardback $127.46
Handel's Operas 1704-1726 Dean & Knapp hardback $80.50
Handel's Operas 1726-1741 (Boydell Press) Hardback $80.50
Harmonious Musick of John Jenkins I (Toccata Press) Paperback $26.82
Hermann Pötzlinger's Music Book (Boydell Press) Hardback $80.50
Historical Musicology (University of Rochester Press) Hardback $73.79
Historical Musicology (University of Rochester Press) Paperback $33.54
History Imagination and the Performance of Music (Boydell Press) Hardback $53.67
History of (key: C)haracteristics in the 18th and Early 19th Centuries (University of Rochester Pres $73.79
History of Music at Christ Church Cathedral Dublin (Boydell Press) Hardback $67.09
How We Hear Music (Boydell Press) Paperback $22.80
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Imogen Holst: A Life in Music (Boydell Press) Hardback $33.54
In Search of New Scales (University of Rochester Press) Hardback $53.67
Innumerable Dance (Boydell Press) Hardback $40.25
Intimate Voices: The Twentieth-Century String Quartet (University of Rochester Press) Hardback $46.96
Irony and Sound (University of Rochester Press) Hardback $67.09
Italian Solo Concerto 1700-1760 (Boydell Press) Hardback $80.50
Ivor Gurney and Marion Scott (Boydell Press) Hardback $40.25
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Janácek beyond the Borders (University of Rochester Press) Hardback $60.38
Jerusalem Diary (Plumbago Books) Paperback $21.45
John Ireland Companion $58.36
John Stainer (Boydell Press) Hardback $60.38
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Lectures on Musical Life (Boydell Press) Hardback $60.38
Leon Kirchner: Composer, Performer, & Teacher $75.47
Let the Church Sing! (University of Rochester Press) Hardback $33.54
Letters and Diaries of Kathleen Ferrier (Boydell Press) Hardback $20.11
Letters from a Life: Selected Letters of Benjamin Britten vol.4 (1952-57) Hardback $69.70
Letters from a Life: Selected Letters of Benjamin Britten vol.5 (1958-65) Hardback $65.68
Letters I Never Mailed: Clues to a Life (University of Rochester Press) Hardback $26.82
Letters of Gerald Finzi and Howard Ferguson (Boydell Press) Hardback $67.09
Lionel Tertis (Boydell Press) Hardback $33.54
Lord Berners (Boydell Press) Paperback $24.14
Ludvig Irgens-Jensen (Toccata Press) Hardback $60.38
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Machaut's Music: New Interpretations (Boydell Press) Hardback $87.21
Making Music (Pembles Publications) Hardback $16.09
Maurice Duruflé (University of Rochester Press) Hardback $53.67
Max Bruch (Boydell Press) Paperback $26.82
Medieval Liturgical Chant and Patristic Exegesis (Boydell Press) Hardback $73.79
Mendelssohn Goethe and the Walpurgis Night (University of Rochester Press) Hardback $53.67
Mozart's Così fan tutte (Boydell Press) Hardback $67.09
Mozart's Piano Concertos: Dramatic Dialogue in the Age of Enlightenment (Boydell Press) Hardback $67.09
Mozart's Viennese Instrumental Music (Boydell Press) Hardback $60.38
Music as Social and Cultural Practice (Boydell Press) Hardback $100.63
Music in Educational Thought and Practice (Boydell Press) Hardback $40.25
Music in Educational Thought and Practice (Boydell Press) Paperback $22.80
Music in German Immigrant Theater (University of Rochester Press) Hardback $60.38
Music of Lennox Berkeley (Boydell Press) Hardback $22.14
Music of Luigi Dallapiccola (University of Rochester Press) Hardback $67.09
Music of Luigi Dallapiccola (University of Rochester Press) Paperback $26.82
Music of the Moravian Church in America (University of Rochester Press) Hardback $40.25
Music of the Moravian Church in America (University of Rochester Press) Paperback $26.82
Music Speaks (University of Rochester Press) Hardback $53.67
Music Theory and Mathematics (University of Rochester Press) Hardback $60.38
Music Theory in Concept and Practice (University of Rochester Press) Paperback $46.96
Musical Encounters at the 1889 Paris World's Fair (University of Rochester Press) Hardback $80.50
Musical Madhouse: English Translation of Berlioz's Les Grotesques de la musique (University of Roche $24.14
Musicking Shakespeare (University of Rochester Press) Hardback $60.38
Music's Modern Muse (University of Rochester Press) Hardback $40.25
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New Aldeburgh Anthology (Boydell Press) Hardback $46.96
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Of Poetry and Song (University of Rochester Press) Hardback $73.79
Opera and Ideology in Prague (University of Rochester Press) Hardback $53.67
Operas of Benjamin Britten (Boydell Press) Paperback $29.45
Othmar Schoeck (University of Rochester Press) Hardback $53.67
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Parry to Finzi: Twenty English Song-Composers $29.45
Pentatonicism from the Eighteenth Century to Debussy (University of Rochester Press) Hardback $67.09
Percussionist's Art (University of Rochester Press) Hardback $33.54
Pleasure of Modernist Music (University of Rochester Press) Hardback $60.38
Portrait of Percy Grainger (University of Rochester Press) Hardback $46.96
Pursuit of High Culture (Boydell Press) Hardback $67.09
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Representing Non-Western Music in Nineteenth-Century Britain (University of Rochester Press) Hardbac $53.67
Re-reading Poetry (Boydell Press) Hardback $73.79
Richard Wagner and the Centrality of Love (Boydell Press) Hardback $67.09
Roger Quilter (Boydell Press) Hardback $60.38
Ronald Stevenson (Toccata Press) Hardback $60.38
Rosary Cantoral (University of Rochester Press) Hardback $40.25
Rosary Cantoral (University of Rochester Press) Paperback $24.14
Royal Chapel in the time of the Habsburgs (Boydell Press) Hardback $127.46
Russian Theoretical Thought in Music (University of Rochester Press) Paperback $33.54
Ruth Crawford Seeger's Worlds (University of Rochester Press) Hardback $60.38
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Samuel Barber Remembered (University of Rochester Press) Hardback $33.54
Samuel Wesley: The Man and his Music (Boydell Press) Hardback $80.50
Schubert in the European Imagination vol.1 (University of Rochester Press) Hardback $40.25
Schubert in the European Imagination vol.2 (University of Rochester Press) Hardback $40.25
Schumann's Piano Cycles and the Novels of Jean Paul (University of Rochester Press) Hardback $53.67
Scoring of Baroque Concertos (Boydell Press) Hardback $73.79
Sir Arthur Somervell on Music Education (Boydell Press) Hardback $33.54
Songs of Edvard Grieg (Boydell Press) Paperback $26.82
Staking out the Territory and Other Writings on Music (Plumbago Books) Hardback $53.67
Staking out the Territory and Other Writings on Music (Plumbago Books) Paperback $21.45
Stravinsky the Music-Maker (Toccata Press) Hardback $53.67
Study of Medieval Chant (Boydell Press) Hardback $80.50
Substance of Things Heard (University of Rochester Press) Hardback $33.54
Szymanowski on Music (Toccata Press) Paperback $26.82
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Television Opera (Boydell Press) Hardback $33.54
Theories of Fugue from the Age of Josquin to the Age of Bach (University of Rochester Press) P/B $40.25
Thomas Beecham (Boydell Press) Hardback $33.54
Thomas Tallis and his Music in Victorian England (Boydell Press) Hardback $67.09
Turning Points in Historiography (University of Rochester Press) Paperback $33.54
Twelve-Tone Music of Luigi Dallapiccola (University of Rochester Press) Hardback $73.79
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Variations of Johannes Brahms (Plumbago Books) Hardback $53.67
Variations of Johannes Brahms (Plumbago Books) Paperback $26.82
Variations on the Canon (University of Rochester Press) Hardback $53.67
Vaughan Williams and the Symphony (Toccata Press) Hardback $60.38
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Wagner and Venice (University of Rochester Press) Hardback $46.96
Wagner and Wagnerism in Nineteenth-Century Sweden Finland and the Baltic Provinces: (University of R $46.96
Wagner's Meistersinger (University of Rochester Press) Paperback $24.14
Wagner's Ring in 1848 (Camden House) Hardback $46.96
Way we Listen Now and Other Writings (Plumbago Books) Hardback $53.67
Way we Listen Now and Other Writings on Music (Plumbago Books) Paperback $21.45
Whom the Gods Love (Toccata Press) Paperback $20.11
William Alwyn: The Art of Film Music (Boydell Press) Hardback $40.25
William Walton: Muse of Fire (Boydell Press) Hardback $33.54
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Young Choristers 650-1700 (Boydell Press) Hardback $67.09
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