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40 Etudes For Violin (CPO Audio CD 2-disc set) $32.97


Barabbas Dialogues (CPO Audio CD) $12.52$10.64
Bulgarian Impressions (CPO Audio CD) $16.14

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Cappricci Canzoni (CPO Audio CD) $12.51$10.63
Chamber Music/Gagok/Sori (CPO Audio CD) $17.07
Cinderella Op 87 - complete ballet (CPO Audio CD) $33.63
Clarinet Quartet (Cpo Audio CD) $16.47$14.00
Clarinet Quintet (CPO audio CD) $17.07
Clarinet Quintets On Jewish Themes (CPO audio CD) $16.47$14.00
Complete Lieder vol.3 (CPO Audio CD) $16.42$13.96
Complete Symphonies (CPO Audio CD) $33.63
Complete Symphony No.1-5 (CPO Audio CD) $49.13
Concertos & Sonatas (CPO Audio CD) $12.52$10.64

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Die Vier Letzten Dinge (CPO Audio CD) $32.84$27.92

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Halka Complete Opera (CPO Audio CD) $24.97$21.23
Hans Pfitzner Lieder Complete Edition (CPO Audio 5-CD Box Set) $62.60
Heine-lieder (CPO Audio CD) $16.42$13.96

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Liszt Organ Arrangements (Cpo SACD) $21.75$18.48
Ludi Musici (CPO Audio CD) $16.42$13.96

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Madrigali (CPO Audio CD) $32.83$27.90
Marie Victoire (CPO Audio CD) $41.51$35.29
Missa Gloria tibi Trinitas (Hyperion Audio CD) $12.52$10.64

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overtures & Waltzes (CPO Audio CD) $17.07

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Piano Trio/Sextet (CPO Audio CD) $16.47$14.00
Piano Works (CPO Audio CD) $16.42$13.96

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Quattro Pezzi /zender (CPO Audio CD) $12.52
Quintessence Saxophone Quartet (CPO audio CD) $13.11

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Schein israels Bruennlein (CPO Audio CD) $32.29
Schemellis Gesangbuch (57 Sacred Songs) (CPO Audio CD) $42.83
schoen Ist Die Welt (CPO Audio CD) $16.42$13.96
Seelewig (CPO Audio CD) $16.42$13.96
Six Violin Sonatas (CPO Audio CD) $12.52
String Quartet 7 & 10 (CPO audio CD) $16.47$14.00
String Quartet 8 & 9 (CPO audio CD) $16.42$13.96
String Quartets 3 (Cpo Audio CD) $16.47$14.00
String Quartets vol.2 (CPO Audio CD) $15.80$13.43
String Quartets vol.vol.1 (CPO audio CD) $17.07
Summer's Tale Op 29/The Enchanted Lake Op 62 (CPO Audio CD) $16.83
Symphonic Works (CPO Audio CD) $12.52
Symphonic Works Vol.1: Nocturne/Tragic Overture/Heroic Overture/Katyn Epitaph (CPO Audio CD) $21.75$18.48
Symphonic Works Vol.2: Polonia/Sinfonia Rustica/Sinfonia Concertante/Lullaby (CPO Audio CD) $21.02$17.87
Symphonic Works Vol.4: Sinfonia Sacra/Sinfonia Elegiaca/Symphony No.10 (CPO Audio CD) $21.75$18.48
Symphonic Works Vol.6: Concertino/Sinfonia della Speranza (CPO Audio CD) $21.75$18.48
Symphony No.1 & 2 (CPO Audio CD) $16.83
Symphony No.1 3 (CPO Audio CD) $12.52$10.64
Symphony No.1 6 (CPO Audio CD) $20.86
Symphony No.3 & 5 (CPO Audio CD) $16.83
Symphony No.3 4 (CPO Audio CD) $13.17$11.19
Symphony No.4 & 6 (CPO Audio CD) $16.83
Symphony No.4/Violin Concerto (CPO Audio CD) $16.42$13.96

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Venus and Adonis (CPO Audio CD) $21.75
Violin Sonatas Op.3 & 41 (Cpo Audio CD) $16.47$14.00