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All American Folk vol.1 (export Only)  $15.61
All American Ragtime 3  $14.04
All Time Classical Guitar  $11.10
All Time Spanish Favorites mlc $16.92
American Rock & Roll vol.4 (export Only)  $21.23
America's Greatest Songs No 1 (export Only) $13.72

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Best Of Irish Music Songbook $16.92
Best Of Rock & Roll 11  $5.88
Best Of Rock & Roll 12  $5.16
Best Of Rock & Roll 3 $5.88
Best Of Rock & Roll 4  $5.88
Best Of Rock & Roll 5  $5.16
Best Of Rock & Roll 6  $5.16
Best Of Rock & Roll 7  $5.16
Best Of Rock & Roll 9  $5.16
Bobby Blue Bland Greatest (best Of Blues Series)  $7.77

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Classical Themes of The Masters vol.2 piano $11.10
Creative Blues Harp $15.02
Creative Classical guitar Tab  $14.31
Creative Irish Guitar tab $13.00

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Early Rock Tab Guitar  $7.77

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Greatest (best Of Blues Series) $13.00

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Johnny Ace Greatest ( Best Of Blues Series) $7.77
Junior Parker Greatest (best Of Blues Series)  $7.77

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Playing Up A Storm (export Only) guitar Tab  $23.45

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Quick Keyboard Picture Chords $9.13

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Very Special Sacred Songs Easy All Organ Edition $16.33