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12 Great Operas (Opus Arte DVD 17-disc set) $156.59$133.10


Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (Opus Arte Blu-Ray Disc) $47.23$40.15
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (Opus Arte DVD 2-disc set) $39.56$33.63
Andrés Segovia In Portrait (Opus Arte DVD) $39.56$33.63
Anna Nicole (Opus Arte DVD) $39.56$33.63
Astor Piazzolla In Portrait (Opus Arte DVD) $31.32$26.62
Attila (La Scala) (Opus Arte DVD) $15.98$13.58

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Bartoli Sings Haydn NTSC (Opus Arte DVD) $31.32$26.62
Blu-Ray Experience Opera & Ballet Highlights (Opus Arte Blu-Ray Disc) $7.82$6.65

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Carmen (ballet) (Opus Arte DVD) $23.48$19.96
Carols From King's NTSC (Opus Arte DVD) $31.32$26.62
Così fan tutte (Opus Arte Blu-Ray Disc) $47.23$40.15

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Die Zauberflote (ROH) PAL (Opus Arte DVD) $39.56$33.63
Doctor Atomic (Opus Arte Blu-Ray Disc) $46.35$39.40
Doctor Atomic (Opus Arte DVD) $47.23$40.15
Don Giovanni (La Scala) (Opus Arte DVD) $15.66$13.31
Don Giovanni (Opus Arte Blu-Ray 2-disc set) $54.94$46.70

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Entfuhrung Aus Dem Ser (Opus Arte Blu-Ray Disc) $46.35$39.40

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Fall & Resurrection (Opus Arte DVD) $31.32$26.62
Firebird & Les Noces PAL (Opus Arte DVD) $39.56$33.63

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Gianni Schicchi (Glyndebourne) (Opus Arte DVD) $31.32$26.62
Giselle (Opus Arte Blu-Ray Disc) $46.35$39.40
Giulio Cesare (Glyndebourne) (Opus Arte DVD) $54.90$46.67
Gloriana Op. 53 - Film Version (Opera North) NTSC (Opus Arte DVD) $31.32$26.62
Great Authors Charles Dickens PAL (Opus Arte DVD) $47.23$40.15

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Hildegard Von Bingen in Portrait PAL (Opus Arte DVD) $39.17$33.29
HMS Pinafore/Trial By Jury (Opus Arte DVD) $23.48$19.96

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I Vespri Siciliani (La Scala) (Opus Arte DVD) $15.98$13.58

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L’Elisir D’Amore (Opus Arte Blu-Ray Disc)  $48.69$41.39
La Boheme (Opus Arte Blu-Ray Disc) $47.23$40.15
La Fille Mal Gardee (Opus Arte Blu-Ray Disc) $46.35$39.40
Lady Macbeth of the Mtsensk District Op 29 (Opus Arte Blu-Ray 2-CD set) $52.40$44.54
Lady Macbeth of the Mtsensk District Op 29 (Opus Arte DVD) $47.23$40.15
Les Indes Galantes (Opus Arte DVD) $47.23$40.15
Lohengrin (Opus Arte Blu-Ray 2-disc set) $54.90$46.67
Luisa Fernanda (Teatro Real) (Opus Arte DVD) $39.10$33.24

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Membra Jesu Nostri (Opus Arte Audio CD) $21.09$17.93
Merry Widow NTSC (Opus Arte DVD) $39.56$33.63
Michelangeli Plays Beethoven (Opus Arte DVD) $31.32$26.62
Michelangeli Plays Debussy (Opus Arte DVD) $31.32$26.62
My First Ballet Collection (Opus Arte DVD) $23.48$19.96

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Norma (Opus Arte Blu-Ray Disc) $47.27$40.18
Nutcracker (Royal Ballet) PAL (Opus Arte DVD) $39.56$33.63

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Operas (Opus Arte DVD) (11-disc set) $77.91$66.23

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Piano Music (Opus Arte DVD) $23.65$20.10

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Rake's Progress Robert Lepage Production 2007 (Opus Arte DVD) $46.35$39.40
Reves D'un Marco Polo (Opus Arte DVD) $47.23$40.15

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Shakespeare: Twelfth Night (Opus Arte DVD) $31.32$26.62
St Francois D’Asissie (Opus Arte DVD 3-Disc Set) $54.90$46.67
String Quartets (Opus Arte DVD) $39.56$33.63

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Tamerlano (Opus Arte Blu-Ray Disc) $53.51$45.48
Taming Of The Shrew (Opus Arte DVD) $31.32$26.62
The Beauty Of Ballet Box Set (Opus Arte DVD x5) $47.23$40.15
The Fairy Queen (Opus Arte DVD 2-disc set) $47.23$40.15
The Minotaur (Opus Arte DVD 2-DVD set) $47.23$40.15
The Tempest (OPUS ARTE DVD) $31.32$26.62
Trouble In Tahiti (film) (Opus Arte DVD) $31.32$26.62
Twin Spirits (Opus Arte DVD) $30.67$26.07