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7 Lessons & Carols Cd Wilson $12.68


Bethlehem Baby! (music book) $13.78

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Christingle Rock (Rock & Roll) CD  $13.80
Christingle Rock (Rock & Roll) Music Book $14.14
Christingle Rock (Rock & Roll) Word Book $6.89
Christmas Praise CD $14.07
Christmas Praise music book $13.78
Christmas Praise Wordbook $6.21
Christmas Presence Teachers Book $13.78
Christmas Presence Wilson (CD Only) $14.07
Christmas Presence Word Book $6.21
Christmas Stars Musical $13.78
Christmas Stars Wordbook $6.21

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Easter Children: Tell The Story (backing CD) $13.37
Easter Children: Tell The Story (words book) $6.21
Easter Praise! (backing CD) $11.63
Easy Peasy Harvest (We've Bean Blessed) (Pupils Book) $6.21
Easy Peasy Harvest (we've Bean Blessed) cd  $15.72
Easy Peasy Harvest Music Book $14.49

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Gold, Frankincense and Mirth! (CD) $14.49
Gold, Frankincense and Mirth! (Music Book) $14.49
Gold, Frankincense and Mirth! (Pupil's Book) $6.89

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Harvest It's A Little Bit Corny Cd $13.37
Harvest It's A Little Bit Corny Music book $13.09
Harvest Its A Little Bit Corny word book $6.21
Harvest Praise CD $13.37
Harvest Praise Music Book $13.11
Harvest Praise Words Book $6.21
Here Comes Jesus! A Charming Easter Musical (pupil's book) $6.21
Here Comes Jesus! A Charming Easter Musical (teacher's book) $14.14

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Mary, Mary CD $14.07
Mary, Mary Music Book $13.78
Mary, Mary Words Book $6.21

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Nativity Rock! (CD only) $14.14
New Millennium Heroes! Wordbook $5.45

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Rock Around The Flock Words Only  $6.21
Rock The Baby (word book) $6.21
Rock The Baby Cd Only  $14.14
Rock The Baby Music Book $13.78

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Scrooge (CD) $14.07
Scrooge (words only) $6.89
Scrooge...a Ghost of a Chance! (music book) $13.78
Selfish Giant CD  $12.68
Selfish Giant Music Book $13.78
Selfish Giant Word Book $6.89
Stable Story (Christmas Glory) Wordbook $6.21
Stable Story! (Christmas Glory!)-A Fun Nativity Musical $13.78
Star Attraction cd $14.14
Star Attraction music Book $13.78
Star Attraction word book $6.55

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Tiptoe Nativity (music book) $14.49