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Adventures In Style Baroque/blues Recorder Part  $2.24
Adventures In Style From Baroque To Blues Desc  $4.79

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Duet Time Book 2 10 Intermediate Recorder Duets  $3.77

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Easy Does It (complete) for recorder $4.09
Easy Does It (recorder part) $1.53

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Hands On Recorder Cd Only  $15.34

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Playing Favourites Clark 10 Duets Sop/contralto  $6.07

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Recorder Time Book 1 Soprano $4.47
Recorder Time Book 2 Soprano $3.32

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Secular Songs For 13 Note Handbells (Inc Cd)  $16.55
Sweet Land Of Liberty 11 Patriotic American Songs  $5.05
Sweet Pipes Recorder Book 1 alto  $5.62
Sweet Pipes Recorder Book 1 soprano  $8.25
Sweet Pipes Recorder Book 2 (soprano) $10.16

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Ten Songs & Dances Soprano & Alto $5.75
The Sweet Pipes Recorder Book, Alto Book 2 $14.00
Three Early Melodies Sop,Alto,Tenor $3.20