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Forty Blues Changes All Instruments $1.25

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Guitar Music Around 1800 (vol.1 $4.43
Guitar Music Around 1800 vol.2 $4.43

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Handy Card For Keyboard  $3.73

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It's Getting Serious Now (recorder) $5.00

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Magnificent Mozart $5.06
Musical Candies 1 Piano  $5.00
Musical Candies 2 Piano  $5.00
Musical Candies 3 Piano  $5.00

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Playing the Recorder, What Fun! Book 1 (+ CD) $12.59
Playing the Recorder, What Fun! Book 2 (+ CD) $12.59

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Recorder That's Fun 1  $4.43
Recorder That's Fun 2  $4.43
Recorder That's Fun 3  $4.43
Rich Blues $4.43
Rich In Spain guitar  $4.43
Rich Rock $4.43
Rich's Guitar Tutor vol.2  $1.25
Rich's Guitar Tutor vol.3  $1.25

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The Cobbler Stone recorder  $5.00
Two Guitars In A Classical Mood 2 guitar Duet  $6.26
Two Guitars Play International Folksongs gtr Duet $6.26
Two Guitars Play Scandanavian Folksongs gtr Duet  $6.26

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What To Do With A Plectrum  $4.43
Wig Of Amadeus Curlyhead recorder  $4.43